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Alphabets Heaven & Deft - Pride & Joy

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Nick Hakim - Lift Me Up

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Brother JT - Wish That I Could Read Your Mind

Don’t forget that Cassette Store Day is coming up soon! I’m particularly looking forward to this Lo Bias Hi Noise EP. The album is a collection of unreleased 4-track demos recorded from 1983-1999, available on September 27th on Summersteps Records.

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premiere: Dali - Waking Dream

Got this mystical letter from Dali the other day with her new video directed by Joel Hohmann.

Mark -

It’s been said that music is the language of all people; and around 6 years of age I realized my place among this subsection of linguistics. Music is the representation of subjective experiences projected onto sound and flung into the realities of other subjective beings. Music speaks to us, translates into our experience, sinks in, erupts again – and VOOM! back into the atmosphere to meet others. We all understand it, caress it, and charm it into our every day lives without a reason why. It is a satisfaction and an internal comfort.

I also knew this comfort in dreams at this age. I would dream I was flying toward my family in the clouds or walk upside-down on the ceiling. I knew that I belonged somewhere breathing underwater or walking through hard walls. When I woke up, I had tears streaming down my face, as I blubbered to myself “I want to stay there! I want to fly! I want to be Spider-man! That’s it, I’m becoming an astronaut!” It was not until age 13 I understood the connection between dreams and music: both are a projection of our inner boundlessness - our psychedelia - our madness. Our inner boundlessness yet remains controlled. 

Music is also controlled, articulated, practiced, and formulated boundlessness. Dreams can be lucid, practiced, and consciously enjoyed as well. I never took these facts for granted. So, I studied lucid dreaming cases as a hobby ever since then, and have experienced plenty of my own. Neuroscience, psychology and physiology became the chief mentors in my studies. Dreaming was a language that could speak to me on levels that perhaps music could not.

“Waking Dream” is mainly about my first lucid experience at this young age. It was as eerily curious as the song sounds. I walked through a medieval castle setting until I was greeted by a large mirror. The room was purple, I was dressed in purple, I became lucid and I began to float until I flew into the rest of my dream. The track then introduces you to an over-looking voice that explains to the dreamer that this experience is naturally occurring in the “galaxy between the ears”. The rest is left up to interpretation. The idea of this music video, directed by my best friend Joel Hohmann, was to explore good dreams, nightmares, and lucid dreams altogether. 

Just as music gives us the gift of understanding, so do dreams. They are solid proof that life is abundantly boundless, silly, absurd, and charged of possibility. They are both delicious with anticipation, combination, and courage. Everyone should take their dreams as seriously as reality, and also take reality just as silly as dreams are. Limits only access you through the infrastructure of synapses at work (or lack thereof).

My goal is to execute my upcoming album “Still Life” as a space for dreamers to come and gather around that want to steep into their lessons learned and to finally accept their limitlessness – in a non-cheesy, non-Oprah sort of way. It’s been for sure a balm that is continually healing an existential quarter-life crisis on my end. I hope you’ll be interested in it when the time comes. Thank you for your time and attention!!

With lots and lots of love,

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Yuco Nakamura's shots of Guardian Alien's #JapanTour.

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Bill Mountain - Mountain

Heavy, but oh so right. Perfect Monday music. Goddamn this sax!

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YOKE - Halocline

Previously: “Burden

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J Fernandez - Cosmic Was

My boy Justin sent me this letter about power, the universe and his new work coming out on Atelier Ciseaux next month:

Hey Mark,

I’m writing from an office in Downers Grove, IL where I work as a marketing analyst. Taking a break from some MS Excel spreadsheets to work on this letter.

Last year, I went through this phase where I was constantly thinking about the inevitable cosmic events in the distant future. Mainly the collision of the Andromeda Galaxy with the Milky Way Galaxy and also the Sun eventually growing into a red giant and enveloping our entire planet.

But also simultaneously thinking about the search for finding other habitable planets in the “Goldilocks Zone” of another star system. I definitely support the search for other planets like Earth. But at the same time I wonder, what are the odds that conditions are just right? Seems bleak.

I wrote “Cosmic Was” because I kept having this nightmare. We send a ship out to explore one of these habitable planets in the “Goldilocks Zone”. When we land, we find nothing a but landscapes made of roaches. Mountains or dunes of them slowly moving across the crust.  Consuming, reproducing, and dying. And that’s it. That’s the whole planet.

So then I’d wake up with this new awareness. Yeah space IS the place. But currently Earth, though it’s only here for a limited amount of time, is also kind of the place.



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I’m a strong supporter of this movement and you should be to. Take a minute to listen if you haven’t already.


Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

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alt-J - Every Other Freckle

Everything about this.


directed by Olivier Groulx

from the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’

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Broncho - Kurt

Cannot stop listening to these guys. 

Previously: “What

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Love Inks - Shoot 100 Panes of Glass

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American Wrestlers - I Can Do No Wrong

Here’s one of those perfect gems that come from mystical lands of empty. No names, no locations, one song. A perfect crystal. You’ll see. 

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Heroes for Sale - Allan Goes to China

These Kiwis’ self-described “progressivesurfpunkrockfuzzgarge” about says it all.

Get their brand new self-titled EP out today.

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