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premiere: The Night VI - Wonderlust (IYES remix)

Slow motion. Listen to the original here.

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ATTU - We Are Ordinary People

People on the street, then kick off.

Taken from the We Are Ordinary People EP, coming out through Beatnik in September. Video created by the band and Tim McDonnell.

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Strange Lords - Cannoneros

Got a new set of short, hard blasts from my pal, punk Floridian Waylon Thornton:

Mark! -

Anytime I have a new release or project, YVYNYL is one of the first places on my mind to send things. You’re always interested in the story behind the record, the real human interaction, or in some cases, the lack thereof. That’s hard to come by in music journalism nowadays, and it’s greatly appreciated.

This record I’m sending you is by my newest band, Strange Lords. I’m on guitar in this one, with Andrew Seward (ex-Against Me!, Human Parts) handling the drums. Andrew and I had actually never met prior to working on this together. We were Facebook friends and I had a handful of guitar tracks that weren’t being put to use, so I sent out an all-call to anyone interested in putting drums to them and he got in touch with me. Once he sent me the first finished track, I was blown away. I’d always known Andrew as a bassist, never as a drummer, but the dude has serious chops, and we had to keep going. A few weeks down the road and we had nearly a complete album, but still hadn’t met. After tossing around a few possible band names (Crypt Witch being a close second,) we landed on Strange Lords.

The opportunity came to play our first show as Strange Lords and we jumped on board. Our first practice was our first time hanging, and things locked in very well. Andrew is very groove oriented, as am I. Rock n’ roll is all about the flow, not so much the details, and within less than an hour we had our entire set fleshed out and ready to go.

I’m not sure where things will go with this project. We’re both family oriented, devoted parents, and I think our days of living on the road might be behind us, but that’s largely a part of the appeal for me; working with someone who has similar priorities brings a lot of patience and understanding to the table. If things never go beyond us bouncing tracks back and forth and playing the occasional shows around Florida, I’m 100% cool with that. Playing a show near the beach? Bring the families along and kick it.

Maybe it’s not anyone’s idea of what “rock n’ roll” is, or maybe it’s “dad rock”, I don’t know. I don’t really care, to be honest. We’re having a good time and making records that we’re stoked on, and like any good rock n’ roll band, letting it flow.

As my father in law would say, “ride, motherfucker, ride”. That’s essentially the mindset behind Strange Lords.

-Waylon Thornton

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Knits - Get Down

This new track from Swedish artists Andreas Edlund and Fredrik Arrelid is about “getting out of this place…” which should work for your perfect summer mindset. 

Look for the release of Rituals EP coming out soon.

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Air Review - Young

Created by Joseba Elorza (aka MiraRuido).

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Neutral Milk Hotel from a-high. My first time seeng them post Mangum return show in NYC.

Neutral Milk Hotel from a-high. My first time seeng them post Mangum return show in NYC.

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Pale Seas - Wicked Dreams

I’ve been having a lot of these lately, too. 

The Southampton band’s new Places to Haunt EP is being released Aug 11th on Native Pop. Pre-order ltd edition 10” vinyl here,  pre-order on iTns, don’t miss their video for “Evil is Always One Step Behind” (straight out of Game of Thrones) directed by Jordan Buck.

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Robert Smith wearing a cat jumper. What more could you want?

that jumper



Robert Smith wearing a cat jumper. What more could you want?

that jumper

(Source: everythingisgoneforever, via snoozegaze)

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Teen Mom - I’m in Love with His Dream

DC band’s guitarist and singer Chris Kelly tells me, “it’s kind of about how one deals with life when someone special leaves, how you cope with all those regrets, what you said, what you didn’t say, what you should’ve said, and what you shouldn’t’ve said. it’s about wondering if they’re really coming back, hoping that you can still say something to make it better and coming to terms with the fact that it’s just not that simple.”

Get more singles from their various socialz.

Previously: “I Wanna Go Out

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Just Another Snake Cult.


Helga taking a break.

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A Sol Mechanic - Take it Slow

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premiere: Southern Boutique - Joanna

Everything about this back story from Austin, TX duo:

Dear Mark,

We are Southern Boutique, but you might remember us as two former members of the now deceased Tiger Waves (RIP).

Let me explain what we have been up to and the making of these songs. Things got pretty crazy. Tiger Waves spiraled into debt, struggled with what felt like an endless sea of dreadful luck, and eventually became homeless - but hey, living in a van with no AC in the Texas heat was a great team-building exercise.

Alas, no team building could have saved the band at that point, and we are moving onto bigger and better things. After doing some soul-searching in the wilderness of Yellowstone for a month, it became clear that we needed to form a new band and start from scratch.

Amidst all break-ups, be them romantic or artistic, something good always seems to arise out of the ashes. So after a year spent coming to terms with what had happened we have recorded an album that we are extremely proud of and we hope you enjoy, especially because it nearly destroyed us to create.

We had a lot of influences that shaped our new sound. These include, but aren’t limited to: abandoned Indian reservations, luxury gas stations, shamanism, shadow people, the Texas Gulf Coast, moose baby, and Don Henley.

We are truly grateful for everything you have done for us in the past (your posting of our song “Weekends” way back in 2012 gave us our big break and began our wild excursion and brief moment in the record industry) and we really hope that you dig what we have been up to since. Thanks for everything you have done and we are glad you are back running yvynyl!

-James and Tyler

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Hotlane - Whenever

Whenever EP on Gomma Records.

(via pierreism)

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Magical Mistakes - Hollow Bodies

Love finding fantastic new work from an artist I wrote about 5 years ago. Erik Luebs - an American living in Japan - had this incredible dance treatment of his deep hitting new work.

[Decompose / Reassemble] EP us out July 7th on King DeluxeDirected by Markus Hofko, performer Gareth Okan.

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Los Angeles Police Department - She Cane Through (Again)

Do not miss this subtle, sexy single from Ryan Pollie.

Get the self-titled LP out on September 2nd with Forged Artifacts on vinyl and Chill Mega Chill on cassette tape.

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