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Hurray For The Riff Raff playing at SXSW. Catch her tonight at the World Cafe if you’re in Philadelphia.

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Bridge Underwater - Say It’s All Right

I love watching artists mature over time. First blogged about this Philly base projects back in 2011, and am very excited to see solid work like this coming out now. It helps that they’ve got some of Philly’s best tech talent: recorded and mixed by Jeff Zeigler, mastered by Mark Trewella.


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Perfect Hair Forever - Sad & Blue

Get wollapped by this video from Aukland, New Zealand’s punk outfit amazing single from their recent Zero EP, directed here fully using GIFs by THUNDERLIPS.

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Gaze - In the Crowd

Love getting letters like this one from Tony Zhang:

hi mark,

this is tony from philadelphia who makes music under the name of gaze. first i just wanna say that youre such an inspiration to not only the local music scene but around the world. i always looked up to you so this would be so wonderful if you read this letter or even listened to my music.

anyways, ive been writing songs ever since i was 14 and now im 16. something that really inspired my music was my life and the plant aloe vera, i dont know why but i find that specific succulent amazingly beautiful. it kind of symbolizes my life at this certain age. i remember last summer i would write random songs and record them on my laptop right next to my aloe plants in my bedroom. and some nights i would drink all my mom’s wine and cry and write songs about how boring and dry my life was. not really sure how to describe my music style but dreamy is definitely the word. or maybe chillwave?

what i really focus on my music is the melody and the synths. i dont necessarily spend that much of time on writing lyrics because i know i suck at it but sometimes i get stuck for a while then something just comes to my mind the door gets opened. i only have 3 songs right now on bandcamp but i used to have an entire album on there, i deleted it and have been working on new songs ever since. if you want to listen to more of it definitely write me back and ill send you some of the old stuff and new stuff i worked on. lets be friends and hang one day

yours truly,

gaze n_n

Ps: oops srry man i really suck at writing letters u_u i hope you bared with it 

Read more Letters to YVYNYL


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Tamu Massif - Azora

Slippery, sexy stuff is coming out of the slowed-down acts rising up from the London scene James Blake birthed. Here’s work by another brand new talented trio with a tantalizing video directed by Dominic Clarke. 

Don’t miss their second (and only released) other single “SALT." on Sndcld.

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Girl You Know It’s True b/w Magic TouchMilli Vanilli, Arista Records/USA (1988) 


Girl You Know It’s True b/w Magic Touch
Milli Vanilli, Arista Records/USA (1988) 

(Source: Flickr / bartsol)

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Holy shit. I just got the update: yvynyl turned 7 years old today.

Amazing that this weird journey continues. Or that it’s been that long, and that this photo is that old now.

Probably going to make some changes in the coming months… and maybe you’d like to come be a part of it.

For one thing, I’d like to have some contributors. Want to tell some stories? Write about live changing albums? Shed life on a critically unappreciated artist? Cover a hot scene in your city?

Let’s try a test:

  • Pitch me your media ideas!
  • Include how they might go into series of 6-10 episodes.
  • They must include excellent visual artwork and of course audio.
  • Could also be video - it is a show? Episodic?
  • Music-heart, but travel, adventure, art, ideas are welcome.
  • Bonus points if you have a budget need in mind. 
  • Email one or more of your best proposals to yvynyl@gmail.com (Use subject line: #YVYNYL2.0).

Is this magic? Nah. But it’ll be fun!

(Source: assets)

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Mirror Kisses - Genius

Loving this collaboration between four artist’s: George Clanton (Mirror Kisses), Adrain Harris, Brendon Hall and Robb Payne. “This took two days to shoot, one for the house party and one for the painting. The painting ‘40 seconds before the bomb or What Is and should never be’ was a two-part process one for the construction and one for the deconstruction.”


From all of the musical pleasures that last year brought us, one shining highlight came in a glamorous, sweat soaked, fit of passion by way of George Clanton aka Mirror Kisses.

Properly titled Heartbeats, the sophomore full length from the Virginia based synthpopper is an album that’s brimming with exuberance and subtly traced with every intention to make you feel alive, just like Clanton’s live performances.

Luckily I had the opportunity to catch Mirror Kisses’ set at a house show in DC a few months back and even though I blame it partly on the alcohol, I left feeling elated. The new video for “Genius" was partly shot on that same night and though it may not induce those exact same feelings, it’ll certainly have you moving along with Mirror Kisses ravishing sound in a matter of no time. 

Heartbeats is now up digitally for a “name your own” price and on vinyl for $12 via bandcamp.

Author: Jon 

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How SoundCloud is beating Spotify among teens and young adults.

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How to Dress Well - Repeat Pleasure

Oh wow. If this song doesn’t rocket him above the stratosphere, I don’t know will. So hot.

What is this Heart? LP is coming out on June 24th on Weird World / Domino Records.

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MiceCars - Sloth

It helps that this song is hypnotic. It ranks among one of the most innovative music videos I’ve seen in the past few weeks. The video was shot in Rome by director Milo Dionisi: ”the idea behind it was realized by using two GoPro cameras and the Chroma Key post-production technique.”

The song is off their new album A S I M O / I LP released on The Black Lodge Records.

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car10 - I Don’t Meet You

Though it’s a bit hard to read their posts, I love this pophard-shot song from Tokyo. 

This is the first single off their new album Everything Starts from this Town LP on April 16th on Sauna Cool.


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premiereGlass Random - Out from the Garen

Winnipeg’s Dave Shaw tells me ”over last summer I spent some time in Chicago. For the first time in my life, I was confronted with a real life network of trains that connected a city. It was amazing and beautiful to me. I wrote this song trying to capture some part of the tension between the rhythmic mechanical movement of trains and the wild unknowable movement of the natural world.”

This track leads off his excellent new 4-song Cover Me Cedars, Cover Me Pines EP is ready on Bndcmp.

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SoftSpot - Black Room Blues

Brooklyn’s Sarah Kinlaw sent me the video she directed for her band’s newest effort:

I shot this one in Wilmington, NC and Carolina Beach, NC where Bryan and I are both from.  We (somehow) convinced both our families to participate in a day of shooting/dancing/partying.  The lead women are my Mother and Aunts and the “club band” is Bryan’s Father and Uncles who really learned the song at double speed so it would match up when we slowed the footage down. We paid that “extras” in alcohol at the bar in Carolina Beach where we shot ;)

Their new self-released MASS LP comes out on April 8th.

Previously: “The Cleansing Hours

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Ocean Calling - Desert Sky Scarlet

Sophie Wilkie doesn’t let us know where she’s born and raised because instead she’s got a serious case of wanderlust. This video - made on the road across the United States from Boston to Los Angeles with a dip into Burning Man - will give you a tast of both her sound and her methodology to life.

Directed by Mike Hedge. Pick up the single over on SndCld.

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