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alt-J - Every Other Freckle

Everything about this.


directed by Olivier Groulx

from the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’

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Broncho - Kurt

Cannot stop listening to these guys. 

Previously: “What

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Love Inks - Shoot 100 Panes of Glass

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American Wrestlers - I Can Do No Wrong

Here’s one of those perfect gems that come from mystical lands of empty. No names, no locations, one song. A perfect crystal. You’ll see. 

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Heroes for Sale - Allan Goes to China

These Kiwis’ self-described “progressivesurfpunkrockfuzzgarge” about says it all.

Get their brand new self-titled EP out today.

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Word on the street is that Vacation Dad is assembling a band and that he’s going to take his funky basement dance party sets on tour all over the place. So, enjoy this public access channel performance to help get you ready. And practice your limbo skills.

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Strand of Oaks “Goshen 97” / Out Of Town Films


Here’s part three of our series with Strand of Oaks featuring “Goshen 97”, the opening track of his recent record, “Heal”. It’s a guitar driven song that introduces the world to Timothy Showalter’s new music for the first time. He’s known for his folk tunes, but on this new record he takes a new turn to a raw and distortion heavy rock band. 

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premiereIndoor Voices - Say (feat. Maja Thunberg)

I got a listen to some of the new songs from upcoming Auratic EP and Jonathan Relph wanted to send this new track to the world that they made with the singer from Star Horse.
He tells me they’ve worked with “probably one of my favourite bands right now. The first time I heard them I was blown away by Maja’s voice. I got in touch with them and in time, asked her to contribute a vocal to one of the songs. A few weeks ago I was messaging with Maja (on a common mobile phone messaging app) and said almost jokingly that we should make a video for “Say”. A few hours later, clips started arriving in the app and I started editing them together. Once we realized that it was going to actually look kind of cool, she sent me higher quality clips as the originals had been heavily compressed in said app.”

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The Abigails - Medication

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Marc Neibauer - Summer

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Moodoïd - La lune

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Here’s why In On the Kill Taker is Fugazi’s best album



I wrote this essay while freelancing for Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger between 2005 and 2008; near as I can tell, they never published it. I came across it today while writing about Philly band Cassavetes, who shares its name with a song on the record, and thought I’d post it around these parts. Enjoy.

Historians of 90s rock tend to fawn over Fugazi’s strident independent ethic moreso than its actual music, and it makes sense why.

Even the most committed listener would admit it’s easier to admire a hard-held commitment to anti-corporate, fan-friendly business practices than an inscrutable stylistic mishmash of thrash, arty noise, funk, reggae, Flavor Flav-styled vocal interjections, and a general penchant for being – aw hell, let’s just say it – weird.

Which is what D.C. linchpin Ian McKaye became upon leaving the rigid repression of Minor Threat’s bare-knuckled punk. He and his newfound bandmates’ – in both the short-lived Embrace and the more prolific Fugazi – indulged their assorted musical interests in ways that invited non-descript adjectives like “angular,” or the all-telling “post” prefix (in Fugazi’s case, “post-hardcore”)…both of which are rock writer code for “FREAK.ING.WEIRD.”

Not to say that folks didn’t understand the band. Heads rolled to the slippery dirty groove of “Waiting Room” when it played on 120 Minutes, and hooks like “ONE!TWO!THREE!REPEATER!” had fists flying in the air. Those who heard, knew they were privy to something great. But by the time In On The Killtaker came out in 1993, the media had given up on crystallizing that greatness into much more than “yeah, these are the guys who won’t charge more than $5 a show.” A shame, since that’s the point where Fugazi got really interesting.

Read More

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Galkin - Story to Tell

Remember the first time you heard Mac DeMarco? Well, here comes another Canadian who’s slush puppy slow down tunes will sing you to sleep in all the best ways. 

Get his new four song Pity Party EP on yr fave social platform.

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Sony, Record player Flamingo PS-F9, 1982. Via Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich.


Sony, Record player Flamingo PS-F9, 1982. Via Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich.

(via gimmetinnitus)

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