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PREMIERE: Suuns - Bambi

This song from Montreal-based sonic astronauts feels like it’s nervous under the surface - barely keeping it together. Feels like a soundtrack to having just robbed a bank, making a getaway, stuffing a suitcase with clothes bursting out of the seems at the edges. The clock is ticking, time’s running out. The tension between the minimal krautrock beats is palpable. 

Watch for this single on b/w “Red Song” (listen below) on 12” wax from Secretly Canadian.  See them play in New York tomorrow (Friday) night, Oct 7th at the Mercury Lounge w/ PS I Love You.

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    Don’t miss these guys at Bottletree with Nowhere Squares on October 15th!
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  5. placeswelive said: they’re so great. saw them play lees palace in toronto in february, and then just finished a show at the garrison on sunday. GOOD BAND.
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