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Dan Melchior - Red Nylon Valance

Tell me this song doesn’t feel like it was ripped from Pink Floyd's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The Brit-gone-New Yorker's dark, psychedelic vibe on this song feels like earth between yr fingers.

Max Dembo deftly sets the tune to footage from Claude Jutra’s 1970 experimental doc “Wow”, an obscure film which seems completely out of print. Gonna have to go do some diggin’ - I’m going to procure a copy immediately.

"Red Nylon Valance" b/w "Dogbite Meltdown #1" 7" single is out soon on SDZ Records.  Pre-order right here.

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    nah, the wind in the willows
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    Totally doesn’t rip Syd Barrett
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