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PREMIERE: Messy Sparkles - New Doors, Hidden Rooms

The folks behind the Two Michael Jordans Records label are enthusiastic and positive people - truly more community organizers and rabble rousers than music businessmen.  They embody everything good and healthy about DIY music, the pirate family lifestyle and backyard n’ basement shows for getting wild.

As testement to their team-building, I’ll let ringleader Andy Todryk's tell the story of the collaboration they orchestrated: 

Messy Sparkles is JD Paul from Fayetteville, Arkansas (he recently moved to Austin).  Tree Hopping is Gabriel Berrios from Orlando…. I was chatting with both of them on facebook separately and got to thinkin, “shit, these guys would sound awesome together.”  So I asked JD if he’d heard of Tree Hopping.  He had, and loved his music.  Same with Gabriel.  Apparently the both of them had been crushing on eachother’s tunes and had never talked to eachother before.  So, following a long facebook message thread filled with “OMG YES’ and <3’s and SO STOKEDs” we decided to do a split.  It was a pretty serendipitous happening, and a great example of how the internet is bringing DIY musicians together.

Order up the product of this union on the split Messy Hopping LP available on ltd. cassette tape right here - and, as luck would have it, the MJMJ team is giving ‘3 for 2’ dealz on tapes thru Christmas.  Sweet!

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    look how cool my friends are, people talk about them on the internet and everything!
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    this is so awesome. gabriel actually lives in gainesville but he’s here in orlando enough so I guess it doesn’t matter...
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    i don’t know if you remember me posting messy sparkles before, but i’m so glad someone big did! hooray!
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    Messy Sparkles - New Doors, Hidden Rooms
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