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Run DMT - Richard

This morning, Chris tweeted asking what were some possibly over-looked albums of the year.  McGregor pointed out this insanely great record that I also somehow slept on, comparing it to PURE X's Pleasure LP (one of my faves of 2011, for sure). 

Emilie and Ric had a great writeup about this album’s life & lore.  Here’s a snip:

For just about two years, we’ve been hearing people in the scene buzzing about Michael Collins’ Dreams. The album was rumored for release on Woodsist, and at that point the label had picked up a stable of talented artists that reflected a loose yet cohesive scene— Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Thee Oh Sees, and Sun Araw. As luck would have it, Woodsist allegedly ended up passing… 

Collins didn’t put out any new music, played less shows, and eventually withdrew from New York in favor of Baltimore. For a minute there, Run DMT slipped from the consciousness of an easily distractable scene. But last September, Collins opted to start his own cassette and home video label, Culture Dealer, and set Dreams as its first release. And it’s good. Really good. 

Stream the whole thing on Altered Zones. If he’s got any copies left head over to Culture Dealer to pick up a copy. He’s on Tumblr here.

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