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Illuminator - Gulf Hymn

All over this fresh post-R&B jam from BK (tho they call it “electro orchestral psychedelic gospel showtunes”. Just weird enough to perk yr ears, but full of the kind of honey-sweet vocals you’d love to drizzle all over your lover’s naked body before delicately licking it off inch by luscious inch. 

Gotta get it on the 7” split wax b/w the rad Conveyor single I previously covered.

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    My dear friend, Bryn Bellomy’s band. His music has been consistently wonderful for the ten years I’ve been lucky enough...
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    see these guys tonight at glasslands?
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    Digging this for my morning soundtrack.
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    Yum. They play with Snowmine tonight at Glasslands, just saying (:
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