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Swiss Alps - Riptide Lore

I love the deft blending of tape warble and shoegaze vocal - absolutely sweet as honey.


Nothing is known about these Pennsylvania guitar pop merchants, aside from the fact that ‘Riptide Lore’ was put up on bandcamp as a means of “snagging” the band name (and it’s a sweet band name, I agree). The song itself is the vital ingredient for a perfect day; gorgeous guitar lines shift in and out of tune mercilessly, as hushed vocals swelter in the background. Now excuse me as I take to the slopes with this playing in my ears (note: I’ve never been skiing. I would probably prefer skydiving). 

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    Swiss Alps - Riptide Lore The nimble blend of these washed out vocals and whiney guitar take me to a the scene of an old...
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    one of those songs that you cant find anywhere to download :(
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