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This is DIY at its finest, people.


Tiny Waves’ mini-documentary, titled ‘The Search for FMLY’ and filmed through the events of FMLY Fest and other CA adventures. 

I just love what both these groups of people are bringing together and you really get a better understanding of what FMLY has to offer through this; I recommend playing the video above.

(Source: oddcastles)

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    love these beautiful people. this is FMLY....go fmly fest brooklyn this summer.
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    Cam-Bam and Noah keeping it real
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    This rules. Every time I read/watch something related to FMLY, I think, “these kids are having political/cultural...
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    oh gosh this is such a beautiful relationship. see you this summer :D
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    seriously, i have no words. but for the rest of my life i want to imagine new ways of loving the mysterious world and...
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    this looks like fun art school
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