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“What are you doin here Bill Murray?”
(via neighborhoodthreat)

What are you doin here Bill Murray?”

(via neighborhoodthreat)

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  5. shoobedoobe answered: pickin’ up a little art house cred, and you, my most intimidating brothers?
  6. superfuffa answered: peeling potatoes skin?
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  8. sayhitoamy answered: He doesn’t look like he knows either… :P
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  10. hatethefuture answered: unrelated: it made me really happy that you played HEALTH at harold night yesterday
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  12. wholettheblogsout answered: doing a cameo in a bad movie.
  13. notesfromundervault answered: yes, I’ll have a regular coffee and a Camel Light, thank you for offering.
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    "Bill Ghost-Bustin’-Ass Murray"
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    This scene always makes me laugh.
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    supppppa siqqqqqck
  18. isaaclgealer answered: ballin’ it up
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    Bill Groundhog-Day, Ghostbustin’-ass Murray!
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  21. lovelylulu answered: My roommate had coffee and cigs this morning, and I called him Jim J.
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    That’s what happens when you smoke high grade weed. You hallucinate about Bill Murray.
  23. osspo777 answered: gon’ get high