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Campfires - Chasing Planets

A few weeks ago, I picked up the Mexican Summer-released 7” Stormy Late Fall by these Chicagoans and instantly fell in love. Listened to that record five times in a row one night. They write songs that sound like yr adorable, messy tipsy pal on Friday night who’s nearly fuzzed themselves out, but are still rockin’ the life of the party.

You can sample a few of more tracks from past releases on their website. Definitely looking forward to the new full length.


While the cold winds flush out all faces to dry, red portraits, the crackling of Chicago’s Campfires is a sight for frost-glazed eyes — the toasty jangle pop warming the hearts of anyone who stumbles upon its distant flickering. “Chasing Planets” is the first song to burst from the flames, which should be fully fledged in early 2011 when Jeff Walls releases his full-length album. [Altered Zones co-premiere//photo]

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