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Terror Bird- She Kissed Me (and I Fell Ill)

Beautiful use of Masahiro Shinoda’s haunting 1974 film ”Himiko.”


Super stoked to see sophomore LP from Terror Bird on the way this month!!! Nikki Never produces an excellent mix of snyth goth pop, making it dark, and yet still so accessible.  After a super rough (& +++ awesome) cassette from Night People back in 09’, a 2nd demos cassette next year, a string or four 7”s and counting, and then finally a full length LP jointly released through NP & Adagio830, the two before mentioned labels are joining again for the sophomore release of Secret Rituals.  Hadn’t checked on Nikki in a while, and frankly had no idea she was in the works on a followup album so soon, but when I saw the music video for this track on some Paris venue’s email list that I somehow got added too, and starting digging down the rabbit hole, lo & behold.

This track appearing on the Secret Rituals LP was originally released on the Waiting for Nothing 7”  from Verulamium Records

Refreshing to see an artist crack out so many quality releases in only the last 3 years, quite a catalog including all those cassette tracks.  Check out of most of the tracks on their BnDcMp 

Terror Bird - Secret Rituals LP is out on super Ltd to 100 copies Purple vinyl from Adagio 830 exclusively now with the rest on black from Night People eventually.  Word of warning with the Adagio 830 site, I hope your German skills are passable.

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    Undiluted fantasticness.
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    某映画監督、篠田正浩が 1974年に発表した映画 卑弥呼。これ使ったビデオ。 ってことはでてくる女性は 「映画ひとすじに燃え尽きたい」 旭日小綬章の岩下志麻さん ‎なんだろう。
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    Bis auf’s Messer (Adagio830) is a great mailorder, and their site has an English language version. The button is on the...
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    Terror Bird- She Kissed Me (and I Fell Ill) Beautiful use of Masahiro Shinoda’s haunting 1974 film ”Himiko.”
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