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Twitter recently began rolling out a new feature called Lists - basically a way for you to organize and categorize the streams you follow on the service, both publicly and privately.

I funnel this Tumblr blog into a Twitter account - and while I don’t love how it renders there, I mostly did it to give people the opportunity of subscribing in a different place instead of Tumblr or via RSS, if they so choose.  Since I started the account, I’ve also begun following a bunch of great music-related folks.  And while it’s by no means comprehensive yet, I did a quick pass at organizing them today and wanted to share with you.  For your tweetin’ pleasure, I give you:

If you’d like to be included on one of these lists, by all means, @yvynyl me.

For more thoughts on using Lists as an artist, also check out Indie Music Tech’s thoughts here.

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