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Gurr - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I really do get the nicest emails from musicians from all over the world. Keep ‘em coming, folks.

Dear Mr. Yvynyl,

When I, Andreya Casablanca, first met Laura Lee Jenkins, she gave me three cassettes filled with your mixtapes, and while she gave me the cassettes, she held her baby pig closely to her chest. Andrrrreya Casablanca whispered with a Spanish accent: Thank you.

This is not true. Honestly, I just wanted to get your attention. But in fact, we listened to your mixtape on our way out of Berlin – to Laura’s little home village “Bad Zwischenahn”.

We’re two girls from Berlin. Here, we have a huge electronic scene. But we’re craving for some good ole garage music. We’re soaking up all the hangover mornings, all the waste, all the lovely little teenager-atmosphere of puking while kissing, just to record them in “Bad Zwischenahn”, the place where Laura grew up. Large streets, few houses, big lawns, shitting cows. And Sgt. Wolf Finger, a friend of ours, who turned out to be our musical soulmate, became our producer. With his vintage four-track recorder we spent days of drinking and screaming in a room, in one fucking room, drinking scotch, because Andreya thought that might help her voice, but she just got even more drunk.

Dear Mr. Yvynyl, we try to put our Berlin experience with all our heart in a dirty garage sound. Andreya wants to run with her guitar, but she can’t, that’s why she shakes it all out with every part of her body. And Laura is one cute Mag White, just cooler, with her smoochy and dangerous beats.

We are the finest Girl Gang in Germany these days. We like to hang around at supermarkets, while we study “North American Studies” and visit Rollerderbys. Deep in our heart, we still discuss who is which Spice Girl, but we know from “The Switchblade Sisters”, that one can loose an eye in a fight too easy.

Dear Mr. Yvynyl, I am very hungry right now and I would like to drink a beer, but therefore I would have to go outside. Instead, I write you these lines. I want you to listen to our songs and then you either: open your eyes widely and shake in disgust. Or: you nod slowly and put a smile on your face that looks like a greasy producer, who found a blonde girl with big boobs and a nice voice. (Just to let you know: Andreya has small boobs).


Andreya (and Laura) from Gurr

PS - Tourdates in Philly: Laura’s going to study at UPenn this fall, so I’m going to miss her.

PPS - Other information: We’re playing Berlin to death and planning a small tour when we’re both studying in America (this fall.)

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    In Berlin haben Andreya, Laura Lee und ich eine Weile lang versucht Musik zu machen. Name: GURR. Proben endeten meistens...
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