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PREMIERE - Yuni in Taxco - Stiff Joints

This Seattle band’s been blippin’ on my radar a while since their solid set of early demos and self titled EP. ┬áTheir indie rock sound has a flair of tropical garage and sing-along harmonies in the vein of The Shins. Not sure if they got the name from the quaint silver mining-cum-tourist town in the mountains outside Mexico City (I’ve been there, it’s gorgeous), but I can imagine sitting in a cafe there, across from the zocalo, reading my paper over an espresso and tapping my foot to the beat.

The band’s got a full length debut, SANPAKU, coming out in late February and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s fantastic (click thru for a couple more singles).

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    PREMIERE - Yuni in Taxco - Stiff Joints Their last record was great and I can’t imagine how rad this new one’s gonna be!...
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