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Ava Luna - Water Duct

Heady stuff from the newest Shaking Through Session:

Ava Luna are no strangers to experimentation. Smashing punk and soul together, they arrived at Miner St with a wild mix of ingredients and one small problem—an unfinished song.

When we asked Shaking Through Alum Twin Sister to curate an Episode, they hailed their most recent tour mates and friends, Ava Luna, citing confidence in their ability to perform under pressure. This makes sense of course, historically the band has a “no overdubs” policy which would make recording a song in a day a simple matter. But they were eager to push the boundaries of what was possible in a session…and boy did they.

Download the track free here.

Previously: “Ice Level

Watch the studio session video: 

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    Ava Luna - Water Duct
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    Ava Luna is fantastic. Punk & soul? Yes. Diggin’ it.
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    These guys are great! Best keep an eye on them.
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