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Illumntr - Tangled with Bear

Brooklynite Bryn Austin Bellomy writes: 

Hi Mark,

We have an LP set to come out later this year, which will be entitled “Soul Sister,” or maybe “Soul Sister, pt. 1,” depending on how much of the album’s story we’re able to cram into each song.  I, for one, am thinking that there’s a strong case to be made for the latter — or maybe for scrapping the album idea and getting someone to make an old-school RPG about it instead.

Essentially, this thing follows the tale of a lonely protagonist who discovers that he was originally to have a twin sister; however, she died at some point during the pregnancy, leaving him the only child of his parents’ marriage.

For the first 20-some-odd years of his life, our protagonist is none the wiser, unaware entirely of the existence (anti-existence?) of this hypothetical female twin — unaware except for faint, ephemeral intuitions and dreams that he, a relatively mathematical and logical creature, has little trouble dismissing.

Gulf Hymn,” the song that you were so kind as to present to the world this past January, falls right at the crucial point in the story during which the two siblings first make real contact across the boundary between the living and the dead.  The protagonist accuses his sister of having fled the life that they had decided to embark upon together, and in so doing, of abandoning him to the various hardships that he now has to endure alone.

Our new single, “Tangled With Bear,” picks up shortly thereafter.  Having heard out the protagonist’s accusations, the sister-ghost explains why she chose to flee before fully incarnating.  I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but I’ll say this much: Tangled With Bear tells the tale of the epic battle between the protagonist and an angry, violent soul he has been chasing through many lifetimes — and who happens to be precisely the soul that the protagonist’s sister was so afraid to confront yet again.

Despite being the original originator of all of this madness, it’s sometimes very difficult for me to listen to — Gulf Hymn and Tangled With Bear in particular.  That is to say that there’s a thread of painful truth running through all of it, although I’ve projected it deep into the realm of the fantastic, perhaps to make it easier to play and sing and work with.  It’s hard to say why we feel compelled to write about the things that we can’t help but write about, especially when they seem to dig at uncomfortable places in our minds that we otherwise might’ve had a lot less trouble ignoring.

On the bright side, the record is set to end fairly well for the good guys, seeing the protagonist travel all the way to the moon in search of his sister’s ghost (must be quite a view from up there).  But we’ll get there when we get there, I suppose.  

Best wishes,

bryn // illumntr

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