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Nine Circles - Mercy (unreleased, 1982)

Love the story behind this: band forms in Germany in the early 80’s - writes some sick darkwave synth tunes - disbands for love after writing only two dozen songs - gets rediscovered by their children - puts some tracks on the internet to renewed critical acclaim - reforms. Awesome. Read more and an interview here.

The Early Days LP will be released later this year by German labels Genetic Music & Anna Logue Records and UK label Angular Recording co. This track will appear on yet to be announced ‘super special’ Electric Voice release.


(Source: halfgifts / Electric Voice Records, via eel-hips-deactivated20130412)

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    The rest of their work reminds me so much of The Knife.
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    Nine Circles - Mercy (unreleased, 1982) Gadzooks! Such an amazing story, I still can’t believe something like this could...
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    At this point, do you plan on continuing to challenge yourself as a musician? Like I told my friends my dream is to die...
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    Based on what little I understand of contemporary music, even I can claim to have intuited that the revelation on Tumblr...
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