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Lost Boy ? - I Know You’re High

Filmmaker Séamus McGuire shot the new vid for Brooklyn’s trash-fi wunderkind Davey Jones on VHS (what else?), and takes shots of the band like he’s taking hits from the same pipe.  Davey’s got such a knack for simple pop hooks… it’s like he’s taking coloring books and crumpling them through a rainbow filter and double-distortion to vintage cassette tape he found while thrifting. Or something like that. Either way, radical stuff.

Catch a bunch of Brooklyn performances in the next few weeks - Feb 5 at Silent Barn and Feb 12 at Matchless, among others.

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    yaaaay ^3^ i wish there was a video for chew, i would post it 92837498374x (i love that song.)
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    yeah, this is really good
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    a part of my heart.
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    great song, great video.
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    Good song, video makes me miss the old band
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    Gets really nice halfway through when the layers start.
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