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Bleeding Rainbow - Pink Ruff

I first heard this album, pre-mastered, while cruising around with the windows down on a muggy summer evening with my friend Dryw (who manages the band) on the way to see Radiohead. Fitting. It’s a long way from their previous efforts - couple Rob + Sarah added new band members, Al + Greg, and went from ultra-lo-fi & noisy slap-snare garage songs to beautifully heavy 90’s throwback shoegaze sound that sounds as My Bloody Valentine as it does Sleater-Kinney.

Don’t miss their excellent forthcoming Yeah Right LP from Kanine Records out on October 9th.

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    Bleeding Rainbow - Pink Ruff
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    First off, name of band? Brilliant. Second, this song is kick-ass. Perfect 90’s sound of, yes, as yvynyl points out,...
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