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U.S. Girls - Jack

The body of work that Meghan Remy is building is un-ignorable. She deftly leverages our notions of sexuality and power against each other - don’t miss her unflinching effort “If These Walls Could Talk" - while using herself as her own objet de performances.

She worked with filmmaker Emily Pelstring on this piece with the following artists’ statement:

A sequined woman sings from the perspective of Jack the Ripper, confounding the relationship between looker and looked at, predator and prey. Seen through a vial of spilled glitter and a star filter. Styles inspired by glam rock TV broadcasts from the early 1980s. Befittingly shot on a Hitachi FP-22, 3-tube camera at the punk village in Montreal. 

The track is available as a free download for a limited time on FB or on wax on September 17th on FatCat Records.

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