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Davey and the Chains - I Was There

Psychedelic ‘pocket soul’ singer Dave Ulrich writes:

hi mark. it’s dave.

you don’t know me or anything but i’m a fellow philadelphian with some music to share. but first i’ll tell you a story of how i found your webpage.

So the other nite i was at dirty franks with some girls and people. Five of us were sitting at this little table and there was a tangled web of romantic vibes hanging in the air. This one girl Sharon put a bindi on my forehead. It was a glittery little thing. The whole scene was a little awkward, so i got up to go to the bathroom.

On my way back to my table, this beautiful girl says to me “hey i have those same shoes. they’re pretty good”. So i stop to talk to her for a bit. I found a comfortable lean on the ATM machine and we got into a pretty good conversation about how we both have sort’ve expensive taste. I complimented her leather jacket and she told me it wasn’t real leather. She said “I’d choose a good cut over good materials.” I totally agreed. She told me she wanted a pair of Doc Martens when she was around 8, and her mom just went out and bought them for her. She said “i think my mom sorta ruined me by just caving in.”

Just then, this tall handsome guy comes and sits next to her and I’m thinking “oh, here’s the boyfriend. He’s not going to be so happy” and so she introduced me to him “this is Jules”. So we shook hands and kept on talking and it seemed like he wasn’t really sweating it, my talking to his lady and all. Actually he said to me “I think you should wear that thing all the time. (the bindi). It’ll make people think you’re a swami.” He was smiling a pretty genuine smile, so I knew he wasn’t just messing with me. She said, “I think we should all hang out. I think you would really like Jules’ music.” She turned to him and said “Jules take his phone number.” So the next day I sent a text message to Jules saying “what is your band name?” He replied “elegant animal”. So I searched that name online and found your review.

Then it occurred to me I might send my tunes your way as well. No one has reviewed this record yet. here’s the link to my bandcamp webpage. you can download the album for free. i made it in my bedroom in West Philly last year. oh yeah and me and jules are going to collaborate sometime soon. I liked his tunes really well and he said he was digging mine. Good blogs man.



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