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Angel Olsen - Acrobat

Amazingly, there hasn’t yet been a Bathetic Records release that’s been reviewed by Pitchfork, which is quite astounding given the incredible catalog that Jon Hency's built up from his Asheville homebase. This is the record that'll change things, though. And change things good. ย We're looking at a #BNM release here.

Stunning visuals byย Toshadeva Palani, andย Half Way Home LP is out today (I ordered my copy on vinyl this morning, don’t sleep on this!).

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    Acrobat by Angel Olsen Visuals by Toshadeva Palani
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  3. santiland said: First heard from her on wfmu, been a fan eversince. She’s in Holland next week and i’m going to see her play on a festival on one of our islands. You have no idea how much i’m looking forward to this.
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    You could just wrap me up in Angel Olsen’s voice & I’d dream the dreams of the contented. And it is wicked cool to know...
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    everything Angel does is gold
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