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HARUKI NAGINATA - Black Tree Swallowed Us

Holli Featherstone sent me this excellent video with the following letter:

Mark Schoneveld,

I made this video for a song on my ex boyfriend’s 2012 release My Body is A Screaming Tiger.  He was the love of my life. Breaking up with him was the catalyst that launched me down a path of totally unstoppable momentum that moved my life to Paris and caused me to successfully mount a self made art-star saddle. I work as Baby Angel if you’re curious.

We were together/not together for 5 or 6 years. We made a lot of music and art, managing with creativity to support and explode that mad love. During two years we did this at a distance of about 1000 miles, I lived in Ohio and he lived in Boston. Then, we moved in together and the art and music started to die. It took the better (or horrible?) part of 2 more years to go.

It died all over the USA. Beginning in Ohio, then in his parents house in NY it choked in separate rooms, finally in different apartments in Boston we tried to put the love out of its misery. It took him being more of an asshole than I thought was actually possible for me to accept the concept. In thorough heart wreckage I picked up my life in Vermont and moved to Paris happy enough to live for only me. It took him about a half year to get the courage to talk me again.

Damn right you know, I may love him but I’m a proud girl and fuck that. In the last 4 months he’s persistently encouraging that little love seed I never really lost to be not afraid, he wants it to know he’s grown up. He wants to marry me.

I recently came back to the USA to get a work visa. I saw him briefly in NY before going home. I mean to say, I saw HIM and not a grave where I laid all of my love to rest. I make videos so I decided to make one (maybe more! I like how this one came out) for him. I gave him a list of things to film himself doing and asked that he give me a list too. This video is made from each of us completing about half of the lists. It’s who we were, and by the slurpy miracle of love it’s who we still are. The power of love and loss is just bananas.

I’m an artist and part of the subject so, for me this video already has a whole existence. I wanted to pass Black Tree Swallowed Us to you because I watch your blog in the same spirit. You host a lot of life on yvynyl. This is a life of love and love death, I guess it’s also a premiere video for a single on an album that hasn’t been released yet. He’s a great musician with a lot to show for it. His work has been in a few films by Red Bucket Films. His other band Moufro Moto is putting out a single this year on the Philly label Magic Death Sounds. Thanks for all the life Mark.


holli featherstone

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