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The Range of Light Wilderness - Under Your Spell

Jimmy just dug up this gem of a record from last year and I’m heartily seconding his recommendation. Starting with their excellent band name and ending with their heartsleeve lyrics, I get that little jump in my heart when I listen to this. Far out.


While listening through their self titled album it spurred a myriad of thoughts:

  • “Wow this is awesome”
  • “Oh my, those are lovely harmonies.”
  • “I wonder where I can get a tape of this?”
  • “Hey this sounds like early Fleet Fox demos.”
  • “Hey this sounds like Daniel Johnson found some friends for harmonies.” 
  • “Are these lost reel recordings found in the foot hills of Lone Mountain?”
  • “I would so invite these folks into my living room for a little show”

I had a hard time trying to decide which song I wanted to share [first world problems]. Over the weekend, I was able to widdled it down to 4 tracks then 2 then I flipped a coin and landed on this one. The “runner up” was Hearts on Fire. But then again maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. This album was released in Summer 2011, so it’s not like this is breaking news.

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    This song by The Range of Light Wilderness is awesome! I love their trippy, worn, 60’s pop that sounds like it’s being...
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    The Range of Light Wilderness- Under Your Spell
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    Hey. I like this.
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