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Night Panther - Fever

I feel equally proud and dirty for premiering this 11+ minute video slash pulp film. It is nothing if not wildly ambitious. Corralling a Porche, a plane, a speed boat, plenty of kitch FX, any number of strange and lux locations on a DIY budget alone make me impressed that this Pennsylvania band has vision. Not to mention balls. There are plenty of classic “Sabotage” and “Scarface” references here, but you’ve gotta respect the lengths these guys went to bring their late-night stoner visions to fruition. 

Get the original version of this track and more over on their Sndcld.

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    Night Panther - Fever I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Ever since I got a taste with that little trailer,...
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    This is pretty amazing and TOTALLY worth 11 minutes of your life.
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