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Avery Rosewater - Havana

This is the first single from the brand new project led by Philly’s Julien Rossow-Greenberg who previously rocked one half of the duo Arches and currently masterminds Treetop Sorbet Records. It’s a swinger of a jam. Got the kind of swagger that Wilco had during the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot days. Trying to break your heart.

Download the song free on Bndcmp. Look for more of these jams soon, but in the meantime, catch them playing at Johnny Brenda’s NYE party headlined by The War on Drugs.


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    Havana - Avery Rosewater
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    This too. It feels like that road trip you take with someone special, and neither of you have to talk because you just...
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    There is something very sentimental-pop about this & I really like it.
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    the man, julien, doing it!!
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    Avery Rosewater - Havana Had plans to post this today, but Mark did too so hell why not reblog! via
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