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The Lotus Moons - Facing the Sun

Oakland psych-rocker Roger Poulin writes: 

Hey Mark, how are ya?

First off, just wanted to say that I really dig your site. You’ve got a good thing goin, man, and I already discovered some rad new tunes that I otherwise wouldn’t have been privvy to.

My name is Roger, by the way, and I play in a band out of Oakland called the Lotus Moons - me, Sean Carney (guitar/vox) Brian Fernald (bass/vox) and Luis Ruelas (drums). I thought I’d share some tunes with you, and a bit of our story, and maybe you’d be into them enough to post them up on your page. We recorded these songs about a year ago, but we’ve been writing them- them and buckets of others- for lots of years before that.

I think we’ve always been into analog recordings over digital, so we’ve got mountains of cassettes of stony jams from practice, late night acoustic folk jams, and the ramblings of a bunch of freaked out dudes. We’ve lived together in a tilting duplex west of Boston that backed up onto a nature preserve, a laundry room in North Oakland, a former acupuncture clinic above a barber shop and taqueria in West Oakland, and a weird old Victorian squat in East Oakland named Frowntown, among other places.

I think we’ve all been homeless at one time or another. We’ve been broke, jobless and hungry- but stoked, also. We’ve had more good times than fistfights, but I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t been any. I think we’ve done it all just so we can keep on making music together. 

So these songs I’m sending you were recorded to 2” tape and mixed down to stereo 1/2” tape, cause we wanted to stick to our analog guns. We are releasing a 7” on a newly formed SF label called Lucid Dreams, and then an LP… somehow. Maybe by ourselves? Who knows. 

The songs kinda run the gamut between harmonized 60s merseybeat-ish rock n roll to heavier, psychier jams, so I dropped a couple of tunes in your dropbox from either end of the spectrum. I really hope you enjoy the songs. Thanks for your time, have a good one.

Oh, and we just confirmed that our 7” release show is going to be on Jan 29th at the New Parish in Oakland CA, with Wax Idols and Cool Ghouls.


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