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Wooden Wand - 'Supermoon' from fire records on Vimeo.

Wooden Wand - Supermoon

This video by Ryan Weibush just stuck in my gut. Haunting.

Pre-order Blood Oaths of the New Blues LP out in January from Fire Records.

Raven Sings The Blues:

Each new album from the hands and mind of James Jackson Toth seems to expand his universe of downtrodden characters, weary-eyed lovers and in this case blood oaths. Following on the rather bombastic Americana buoyancy of BriarwoodBlood Oaths of the New Blues is a dark simmer of road trip existentialism, country scented story songs and Toth’s usual vocabulary of biblical sized fates. Its a confessional album that, while not as self-flagellatory as his post-breakup albumBorn Bad, is definitely a long lens exploration of character, age, hardship and sin. In short, its another reason to tuck into Toth’s work this winter and let the steel guitars help you beg for forgiveness. 

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