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Mafia Lights - Hampton

Putting albums out on VHS tape?  Yup. And why not? From what I’ve heard the audio quality of those big tapes is one of the most underrated out there. ‘Course not many of us have a VHS player hooked up to yr stereo - but hell, you could probably get one at your local Thrift for $5 or so… less than the cost of this album!

This Surrey, UK outfit is more than quirky release mediums, though.  The new eponymous EP on Teeth Records is the jam - a perfect blend of pop hooks and spaced out waves of color. Give it a listen and order up on Bndcmp. Be sure to listen to the last track too, another winner called “Demon’s Dance”.

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  2. enumclaw said: Peacefeather did some killer VHS tapes back in 06 or so…
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    It’s official, Mafia Lights = “a perfect blend of pop hooks and spaced out waves of color” Danke Mark!
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  6. illicitizen said: Actually I do have my VHS hooked up to my “hi-fi”…I may be a bit behind the time. But I used to do quick mixes on VHS a bit.
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