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Fossil - Black Spring

I had chills down my spine after I read this and listened to this poetic closing track to this genius EP. Unreal. Its moments like these in #bloglife, I tell ya…

Hi Mark,

I came across Fossil’s music while him and I were working construction together in the middle-of-nowhere Texas - mostly concrete and demolition work. I had just moved to town after a hard spell in NYC, and he was the only other young kid on the crew and definitely the only other kid who spoke english so we kinda end up working together a lot and eventually hanging out after work since neither us had many friends.

He never talked about much about his past or where he was from or said a whole lot about anything outside the present moment. He lived in this apartment outside town with no furniture, just this open room with a long work table, where he would lay out these strange things he had written on scraps of paper. I guess it was pretty bleak but it didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

One night we we were up drinking pretty late at his place and these songs came on his stereo. I asked what it was and he said it was him - something he’d made the night before, something called Fossil. I had no clue he even made music! He said he’d made the stuff on a tape machine someone had given in exchange for a demolition job in he’d done in San Marcos. He said the music had to do with 'some bad and beautiful stuff I've seen.' 

Over the next few days his tunes really stuck with me. Since then I have tried to encourage him to put some it out into the world. He doesn’t really seem to have much of a clue on where to begin with all that - he doesn’t even own a computer. So finally he has agreed to let me send some of it around for him. So that brings me up to now…

I came across your blog, and it seems really smart and nice. I love the music you are posting! I saw that you are partial to music that you can put out first or exclusively, so I’m sending you this stuff before anyone else hears it. No one but me even knows about it… This is the debut EP by Fossil. It’s called Black Spring… I hope you find some beauty in this.



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    Fossil - “Black Spring”. This track gave me chills.
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    i just want to go out and meet new people and hear their story.
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