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Kyle McCarthy sent me the following letter this week:

Hey Mark,

I’m a big fan of your blog, and I see that you like to feature music that has an interesting story behind it. So I thought I would give e-mailing you a shot since the record “Sorta" that I just finished in December has a strange story behind it.

Back in October I began to record songs for “Sorta" in the town I grew up in Long Beach, NY, a small beach community off of Long Island. I recorded a bunch of loops in early October [some instrumentals and some with vocals on them]. During that time, I coincidentally wrote a song called "Sandy." The lyrics were written directly after the instrumentals were made and there was little thought given to what the lyrics meant. I just started singing "Sandy wants to know, but I don’t know why. / Sandy says the gold is hiding on the inside." At the time I did not know anyone named Sandy, and I had not heard any news about the hurricane that was about to hit the East Coast in the week to follow.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on October 29th it ravaged my town. My house was amongst the houses destroyed by the hurricane, but luckily I had hid my computer with the material I was writing in my sock drawer which was on the second floor of my house, the only part of the house not destroyed by the hurricane.

At the time my fiancee was pregnant with our first child so after a couple of days living in the destruction that was Long Beach, NY we headed upstate to Woodstock, NY to stay with family. Up there, with the help of my fiancee, I continued recording vocal parts for the album. After a week up there we went back downstate to stay with friends in Chelsea and Bushwhick Brooklyn. It was in that adventurous and strange time that I finished recording “Sorta.” 

We are currently living a couple of towns away from Long Beach since it will be at least 4 more months  until we can move back into our home. Our son was born last week so now it is time to start writing sleeping music for him and try to achieve some sort of normalcy post-Sandy. However, “Sorta” will always be a record dear to my heart because it is the reflection of a strange and semi-chaotic period in my life, but also a deeply beautiful moment in time. I hope you enjoy the record and are interested in sharing it.

Thanks for your time.


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