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Amy Kirkpatrick sent me this killer Dexter-esque video and the following letter:

Dear Mark,

I’ve been sitting here in a coffee shop on Main Street in Vancouver, reading your “Letter to YVYNYL” debating my reasons for telling you to listen to my band’s music. Our album ‘Other’ is coming out Feb 19th, and it’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind the last year. Imposing this personal endeavor on you reminds of how I’m bombarded with endless wedding announcements and baby photos from my peers, and how I could talk about ‘Other’ with the same amount of pride and commitment. I even have a photo ready on my cell phone with the album artwork to show anyone who asks about it, and even those who don’t. “Isn’t she beautiful?” This is my band’s first born, and coincidentally also took about nine months of creating before it’s release.

Jay and I have been together as a band for about three years now, although in interviews we’ve agreed to always say two sort of as an inside joke to keep us entertained during routine interview questions. We’d written dozens of songs over the last three years but an album never quite felt right until now. We intently took the time to: sit down and write an album. We wanted it to have roots, so we recorded a choir made up of our friends in a church of the town we grew up in, that you can hear in “Something to Me”.

“Others” has harmonies by our friend Steph, who’s the person who originally said to me: “Hey, you should play your songs in public!” at the age of sixteen, and became Jay’s roommate down the road. We wanted the album to feel complete as a whole, not twelve detached songs, so there’s a story line and a landscape which draws from Jay’s past in writing soundtracks. There are vocal characters that come and go, which come from my four and a half years as a Theatre Major in university. That extra ‘half’ being the consequence of skipping classes to go record demos in my friends basement. There are sounds that are unique to us, like the wineglasses being played in our first single “Caves” which was written at Jay’s house when we both had somewhat of a writer’s block, and used and episode of BBC’s Planet Earth as inspiration.

We also didn’t want the album to only be about one thing, one breakup, or one person. Being in charge of the vocal storyline, I wanted something universal yet abstract. The twelve songs we decided on, after choosing from about twenty-four ‘maybe’s’, are all connected and somehow centered around the concept of caves. If a picture’s worth a hundred words, a song should be worth a million. At the same time, I’ll be quick to tell you a song’s meanings if you ask nicely, and how it relates to our caves concept. As much as I’d love to be as mysterious or as obscure as Lykke Li, that’s just not me. I’m okay being an open book that wears pleather and a spiked shirt to a coffee shop writing session on a Monday night.

When creating this video concept I told video director Alistair Legrand to take every word I was saying as if I was lying through my teeth. “If you can’t take the risk, I don’t blame you,” was my way of saying to someone “No really, it’s fine,” during a time when it truly wasn’t.

On that note, this place is closing, and I hope by now you’ve clicked on our album link either because I’ve convinced you to, or because you’re curious to see what else I may, or may not be lying through my teeth about.



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