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U.S. Girls: 'If These Walls Could Talk' from Palmist Records on Vimeo.

U.S. Girls - If These Walls Could Talk

Whoa. This is… wow. Straight to the heart, y’all.

I was going to post about this Philly artist the other day - had it all drafted up - but I’ll simply leave you to listen here. My bro Cough Cool (and fellow Philly weirdo) pointed out this insanely good live set:

U.S. Girls - Live @QUEERING Sound by Sonic Circuits

Altered Zones:

What could make a serenade from U.S. GirlsMeg Remy better? The only thing I can think of is three Remys singing, and that’s exactly what we get in triple vision. But beneath this 2-minute bubblegum banger is a sense of doom and gloom that permeates through the song’s sticky-sweet lens. Flashes of a flushed and weepy Remy against a sometimes smirking, pale-faced Meg highlights the song’s duality. With great relief, the song ends in a deep breath and a wipe of the nose as a sense of closure washes over her in the wake of the bipolar discourse. — Ric Leichtung

The U.S. Girls/Slim Twig split 12” is out now in Europe and August 16th in North America from Fat Cat imprint Palmist Records

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    U.S. Girls “If These Walls Could Talk” Damn. This video. Philli artist Megan Remy aka U.S. Girls blew up the blogosphere...
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    Great song and and video.
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