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premiere: An Afternoon with Matthew Young

Douglas Mcgowan from Yoga Records directed this piece and wrote me about his experience making it: 

"There’s a shot I would have liked to include where I flipped through his dusty, cat-scratched records and it was Laurie Anderson, Nick Drake, John Cale, John Cage, James Brown, Love, the entire Michael Hurley discography including an original “First Songs” on Folkways… Nothing radical, just uncanny good taste. People like to think taste is subjective, but time has a way of proving otherwise. Matthew was on it as it happened. He was a hipster back when the word still meant something.

A lot of times you visit an artist and look in vain for signs of the person who made the record you fell in love with. With Matthew that person is right there. I hope he gets his third album together, I think he will. 
Obviously the house is kind of the costar of the video. It’s literally he and his wife Valerie's personal space and their refuge from the world. All the time we'd been talking on the phone he never mentioned that he lives in this magical place. I came away from the experience of meeting Matthew with a renewed fascination with his incredibly low key approach to being a rad dude.”

Recurring Dreams LP will be out July 22nd on Drag City / Yoga. Records. To read a longer interview from 2003, read it here by Carson Arnold.

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