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Best Music Tumblr Blogs II

Things move fast around here. One minute, we’re a wee little family of nerdy music heads on a baby Tumblr, the next minute we’ve got thousands of new friends and we’re working in a blog community that’s growing like a weed.

Last summer, I wrote a list of who I thought was putting up the best music content on Tumblr. People email me all the time to ask me to add them to this list, and a bunch of those bloggers are now gone and off to greener pastures now, their blogs lay fallow. 

I thought it high time to re-do the list. Freshen things up a little bit. Without further ado, here’s my updated (and, ain’t gonna lie, slightly biased) list of who’s posting the best music-related content on Tumblr*:

Best of the Best

The Other Ones (tumblin’ music blogs who’s main presence is elsewhere)

Just Music (not much commentary, if any)

Cool People (who post great music, but also post about other stuff)

Other Notable Music-y Blogs and Up-and-Comers

Music 2.0 Blogs

* I have a growing ‘Best Musicians and Labels on Tumblr' list, too. Let me know if you wanna be included in that one, its a work in progress.

Okay, I’m just one internet junkie bro among thousands. So here’s where you come in… Who am I missing? Send an @yvynyl on Twitter if you want to be considered.

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