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Hi, thanks for taking the time to inquire about submitting music, stories and news to YVYNYL

The editorial email contact is: yvynyl@gmail.com

If you want to send physical items (vinyl, tapes, books, fancy postcards from far-off places…) in the mail feel free to post to:

Mark Schoneveld
826 S. 48th St. Apt. 2
Philadelphia, PA 19143

I do my best to consider every well-thought out pitch I receive, but please realize that I get a metric ton of email + messages + recommendations + friend requests + tweets etc. Don’t be offended if I am unable to respond.

The easier you make it for me to write a blog post about you or your clients, the more likely I will be to post. Things I strongly encourage your PR to include (in descending order of importance):

  • A great, personal story Letters to YVYNYL
  • Streamable music is best sent by SoundCloud or Bandcamp
  • An offer to exclusively premiere new, unreleased songs or videos - this will probably get you stronger consideration for posting, and I will try to decline if I can’t do it so you can try other publications
  • Awesome images that are 600px wide or bigger (a link to where it’s hosted on your server space so I don’t need to re-host is extra plus)
  • Sweet new video, preference given to finely-crafted original visual work
  • Notable news, pertinent information, release date/label
  • Tour dates (especially in PHILLY), but I don’t publish entire tour schedules, so please don’t ask me to. 

Please do not:

  • Email me the same news more than once or follow up multiple times on the same email. C’mon.
  • Ask me for feedback on your music - if I love it, I will post it with glowing commentary
  • Message me on multiple social media sites, don’t worry, I got your email
  • Send me long, impersonal copy-and-pasted stuff. Seriously, tell me a good story, even if it’s just a one-sentence anecdote.
  • Email me entire albums to download.  I won’t.
  • Email me MP3s as attachments.
  • Email me mysterious MediaFire (etc) links with unknown contents/sizes.
  • Send me uncompressed WAV or AIFF audio files - MP3 is just fine, thanks.
  • Write your press release headlines IN ALL CAPS. Lame.

If you send me full albums for preview, please include specific instructions on which tracks are post-able otherwise I will consider any and all tracks post-able.

Thank you, and godspeed!


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